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Bedfordshire Hospitals Branch

UNISON members are people working in the public services, for private contractors providing public services and the essential utilities. They include manual and white collar staff working full or part time in local authorities, the NHS, colleges and schools, the electricity, gas and water industries, transport and the voluntary sector.

Local stewards are there to represent you at work and help find the answers to your problems. They are volunteers and play a vital role in recruiting new members and organising your branch.


Not only do UNISON help with workplace matters, there’s also a bundle of member benefits from dental care to financial assistance and much more!

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Winter Fuel Grant

There for You Winter has a limited fund to offer grants of up to £200 to UNISON members struggling to pay fuel bills this winter.

Members whose income is less than £18,200 (if living alone) or £26,000 (for a family) can apply. Applications will also be accepted from members in receipt of either housing benefit, Universal Credit or council tax reduction.

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Working From Home?

When staff are told to work from home they can apply for tax relief!

Contact https://www.gov.uk/tax-relief-for-employees/working-at-home

Campaign for Better NHS Pay!

Now, more than ever, UNISON feel NHS staff deserve a pay rise. UNISON have a six-point plan to get this to happen, and we need your help!

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There for you

A free and confidential service that looks after the welfare of our members. Read our latest bulletins

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Coronavirus – Your Rights at Work

During the coronavirus outbreak, you need to know your rights when it comes to employment conditions.

The deployment and availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a national talking point right now.

This link answers some of your questions regarding PPE and what your employer should be providing you.

Click on the link below to find out more, and for advice from UNISON. 

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Extended Provision of Childcare

Bedford Borough Council have extended the alternative childcare provision for children of key workers aged between 5 and 12 until 29th May 2020. The provision is fully funded for key workers and will run between 8 30am and 8pm, Monday to Friday from the 20th April 2020, with parents being able to nominate their preferred start/end times each day.  The programme will be run by SSG and if you would like to book place(s) for your child you can do this by e-mail info@ssgservices.co.uk  If you have any queries, please contact helen.smith@bedfordhospital.nhs.uk or visit the childcare page on the Intranet.

Bedford Hospital outsourcing campaign

UNISON believes that more and better-trained cleaning staff are key to improving standards of hospital cleanliness.
Domestic staff at Bedford Hospital have won an important battle to keep domestics in-house.

A Q&A session with new Chief Executive David Carter and Deputy Chief Executive, Cathy Jones have confirmed that there are no plans to outsource domestics and catering services.

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Unison Eastern

Find out the latest news from the regional Unison branch

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Unison health insurance

Unison offer competitive health insurance for you and your partner

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Unison national website

View the national unison website to find all of the latest news and information

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Women in unison

UNISON has almost one million women members – more than two thirds of our union.

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Health & safety

UNISON believes health and safety in the workplace is an issue for everyone.

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Training events

Find out about all the latest Regional Training and Development information

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Why join unison?

Being part of UNISON means you have the full weight of the UK’s leading trade union behind you.

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Young members

UNISON isn’t just for a certain age group! Check out our Young Members Forum!

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LGBT+ network

UNISON has their own LGBT+ Network! Check out the latest information

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